Lamy has launched a stealthy special limited edition color for 2018 – All Black. Lamy has gone with an all over black color scheme on their famous Safari fountain pen, Safari rollerball with cap and 244 clicky ballpoint pen.

Lamy 2018 Special Edition All Black Safari Fountain Pen
Lamy 2018 Special Edition All Black Safari Fountain Pen

The Lamy Safari fountain pen has been long known for being an easy to use and durable fountain pen. The flexible chrome tip writes cleanly and is available in 3 different nib sizes.

Lamy all black ballpoint pen
For those that like a clicky pen, the ballpoint version is for you

All of the pens are made out of strong ABS plastic and feature Lamy’s signature grip area. All of the pens have black clips for easy storage.

Lamy all black rollerball2018
If you want a standard capped pen, the rollerball version is for you

I’ve had experience with all of these pens in the past and have really enjoyed them. I dig the style and they write nicely. I think everyone should own at least one Lamy Safari in their collection. You can find these pens online from a few different retailers in the United States and abroad. I’ve bought mine from Goldspot recently.

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