Knife maintenance is an important matter of the everyday carry lifestyle. Watching out for corrosion, lubing pivots, and general knife cleanup are all tasks that should be done regularly if you carry your folding knife frequently.

I was looking for some new knife oil on Knife Center and came across this kit from Jake Hoback. Jake makes some sick knives, so it would be fitting that he created a nice kit to maintain them with.

Jake Hoback F23 Knife Maintenance Kit
Jake Hoback F23 Knife Maintenance Kit

Jake tested many lubricant formulations with help from Breakthrough Clean Technologies to come up with the Formula 23 knife oil. The knife oil formulation he ended up choosing had the best properties of being long-lasting without evaporating and having a sufficient capillary effect to keep the lubricant between two pieces of metal in a folding knife.

For knife cleaning the kit comes with a cleaning solvent, cleaning brush, and cleaning cloth. Jake’s kit also has some other nice pieces like a cleaning mat to lay all of your screws, scales, pivots, etc on as well as a small allen wrench kit to help with disassembly.

storage pouch
storage pouch

All of the items are wrapped up in a new tool bag for easy storage.

The F23 Knife Maintenance Kit includes

  • Formula 23 Knife Oil
  • Breakthrough Clean Solvent
  • Cleaning Brush (Plastic)
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Knife Disassembly Tool Pack (Allen Wrenches)
  • Knife Cleaning Mat
  • Storage Pouch
  • Jake Hoback Knives PVC Patch

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