CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) have partnered with Ken Onion to delivery a truly innovative knife feature. The Homefront can be field stripped at a moments notice. Using a simple push a lever on the side and quick roll of the wheel on the back and the knife pops apart to remove any debris inside. Checkout the press release below as well as the various photos and videos.

CRKT® is releasing the Homefront™ everyday carry folding knife at the BLADE Show in Atlanta, GA June 3-5. This Ken Onion designed knife is the first on the market to feature patent pending “Field Strip” technology, an in-field, no-tool take apart innovation allowing for simple maintenance without returning to a workbench.

“Field Strip” is a leading edge breakthrough. Emerging from Ken Onion’s shop after over ten years of development, it’s poised to shift the industry standard for tool maintenance. To disassemble the Homefront™ when it’s in the closed position, push the front release lever away from the blade, then spin the turn release wheel on the rear of the handle away from the pivot shaft—once you feel the handle release, pull it up and away from the blade. Reassembly is as easy as reversing the procedure, allowing for practical, quick maintenance in any environment. “The applications are vast,” explains knife designer Ken Onion, “Hunters can clean the blood and entrails easily from their knife. Mechanics can clean the grime and grease out. Soldiers can take the dirt, dust, and sand out.”

The knife’s aesthetic is designed to stay true to its vintage roots. The bayonet lug-style flipper sets off the smooth open action of the 3.5” modified drop point blade, while tank jimping on the backstrap elevates the antiquated look, and sits snugly against the user’s palm. It stands up to the looks of a WWI heirloom, and it surely stands up to any job it encounters. The handles are made with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and house an impressively beefy AUS 8 stainless steel blade.

Classic on the outside, impressively futuristic on the inside, the Homefront™ is about to change everything.

The Homefront™ knife manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $150.00.

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