EDGE EDC was created out of my hobby and love for all things useful that I use every day. “Everyday Carry” may seem like a buzzword term these days, but for many of us, it is a lifestyle we live. Some carry more things, some carry less. Each day is different so our needs for gear to have in our pockets or in our bag may vary as well

I love discovering new useful gear for myself, family, and friends. I’m always on the lookout for things that could make life easier for a tradesman, an office professional, healthcare provider, etc. Everyone has different needs and there is a ton of great gear out there to look into and try out.

The mission of EDGE EDC is to cover everything about everyday carry items.  Our focus is on new products, reviews, guides, and profiles of interesting EDC item creators. I hope you find something you will enjoy on this site and continue to come back for more information and updates.

Feel free to send a note to admin@edgeedc.com about news or products you’ve found or want to promote.