Quality everyday carry folding knives are produced across the globe. You can find expert knife makers on almost every continent but owning a knife from your own country has a certain satisfying feeling.

This post isn’t about the virtues of buying domestic products but a celebration of all of the fantastic folding knife knives that are made in the USA.

The Made in USA EDC Folding Knife Directory

I have ventured to start creating a comprehensive directory of all of the folding knife makers in the USA. Whether it be a large production brand like Case or a full custom artisan that only puts out a handful of knives a year, I want to be able to offer an easy to use directory that includes everyone I can find that are making knives in the USA.

Sorting Knife Makers

I have created the listing of American folding knife makers organized by state. I thought this was a good way to sort the list so you can find a knife from a particular region of the country or your home state.

So far I have gathered the first 50 makers I knew about and came across in further research. I wanted to get a strong batch together before launching the list and then grow it from there. I have another 20 already in the bag waiting to publish another 50 batch.

I Need Your Help

I want this to become a community project of sorts. There is no way I could single-handedly know of all the great knife builders across the country. I want you to help out by commenting on the page with builders I need to include that aren’t published yet.

Let us know your thoughts